Installation: Melomed Mitchell’s Plain Hospital

Western Cape

Servicing the surrounding local communities of the Western Cape, Melomed Mitchell’s Plain is a 132-bed hospital forming part of the Melomed Group. The hospital houses 32 specialists and provides care in a range of service disciplines including Radiology, Pathology, Physiotherapy, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, ENT, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology.


The hospital recently upgraded their Emergency Room and High Care Unit, with Hutz providing Pendants (HU8-F, HU5-FT2-01), Bedhead Service Systems (HU21-01, HU21-02 and HU21-07) as well as various Attachments, to the project.

“We are pleased to be able to work together with Ridwaan Johaardien, Melomed’s Procurement Manager, and his team to complete another successful project.  The end result is healthcare facility whose High Care and Emergency Room is state-of-the-art and able to provide outstanding care for community members who require it,” commented Keith Nagel, Hutz Medical: Western Cape Sales Manager.


Hutz Medical is pleased to be associated with the following professionals on this project:


Main Contractor: Sharief Construction – Ridwaan Sharief and team

Architect: IPA Architects – Dusan Brandstutter and Ryan Groves

Electrical Contractor: Southern Electricians

Client: Melomed Mitchells Plain – part of Melomed Holdings

Engineer: EOH-Dilasey – Jacques Loubser

Posted 25 March 2019

Melomed 4
Melomed 5
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Installation: King Edward VIII Hospital:


King Edward VIII Hospital is a government hospital providing services to the whole of the Greater Durban Metropolis with patients from the KwaZulu-Natal area being referred to this tertiary hospital.


The hospital, built in 1936, is a teaching hospital for the University of KwaZulu Natal Nelson R. Mandela School of Medicine and has a Nursing College. It has a capacity of 852 beds and sees approximately   22 000 patients on a monthly basis. These numbers alone, show just how important the hospital is to future doctors and nursing staff alike.


Major storms in late 2017 saw vast damage being caused to the Hospital’s Theatres, ICU and some of its wards, which resulted in the demolition and renovation of these areas. Hutz Medical assisted with the supply of various products for the revamp, including Bedhead Service Systems (HU10-01), innovative Anaesthetic Stack and Surgical Pendant Service Systems (HU6-S1-01 and HU6-S2-02), Major Theatre Control Panels in the form of the surface mounted HU12’s as well as various Attachments, including amongst other items x-ray viewing screens (HU-XRU-02) and digital screens. The digital screens are still to be linked in to the future IT Network.


Hutz Medical has also enjoyed being able to supply the Neo-Natal ICU Wards, in association with the Carte Blanche Team, to renovate beleaguered hospitals in need of upgrades and rejuvenation. Recent upgrades to Surgical Wards program were also part of Hutz’s mandate.


“I was pleased to be part of a team who worked tirelessly to ensure an end product which will benefit our local communities here in KwaZulu-Natal. With the various Theatres, Recovery, ICU & Hi-Care Wards about to become a reality and soon be fully operational again, the King Edward VIII hospital is once more able to assist by providing high end healthcare facilities for those most in need,” commented Maxime Lenferna, Hutz Medical’s Project Manager in KZN.


Hutz Medical is pleased to be associated with the following professionals on this project:


Main Contractor: Leomat Construction

Architect: Sakhisizwe Architects

Electrical Contractor: MG Electrical

Client: KZN Health Department

Electrical Engineers: Ibuya Consulting Engineers

Posted 25 March 2019

King Edward 1
King Edward 12
King Edward 12
King Edward 12
King Edward 12
King Edward 12
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Arab Health Feedback 2019:

julian hutz

People often comment that the world is becoming smaller. With the major growth and advancement in communications, technology and education, information is at your fingertips – and seemingly limitless – within seconds. Business practices are both faster and smarter and it is a case of keeping up or getting lost in the crowd.


Dubai is proving and positioning itself as a hub for international business daily, with its offering of opportunities for growth and expansion, as well as its phenomenal infrastructure, incentives and location. It is this strategic location that provided the perfect backdrop for global citizens representing a melting pot of more than 160 countries to conduct business. More than 84 000 healthcare and trade professionals recently descended upon the city for the largest healthcare expo in the Middle East, namely the Arab Health Expo.


The 4500 stands spread throughout the Dubai Convention Centre provided the perfect venue for a global meeting of healthcare professionals, coming together to conduct meetings, discuss business options and finalise solutions for the industry.


Coming away from the expo, it is clear that the healthcare industry remains healthy and is growing, with investment projects being completed worldwide, but with a strong pull towards further investment, infrastructure and solid growth within Africa and the GCC regions.


Without embracing these nuances and adapting your business to match the changes taking place within the industry, one would stagnate. And it is with this in mind that Hutz continues to reinvent and position itself as a turnkey provider.


Private hospital groups seem to be taking up the reins where governments have allowed gaps to develop. These gaps are being identified and closed through Public Private Partnerships with investors, as well as independent entrepreneurs who have identified healthcare development to be the best in terms of guaranteed return on investments.


Hutz Medical is enhancing its position within targeted markets, with the 40 years’ experience gathered from one generation to the next within Hutz has allowed us to hone our skills and increase both our product range as well as our service offering. Identifying solutions of efficient manufacturing techniques, to the reliable implementation for any size and type of healthcare facility is our approach and provides a sure-fire solution for African development initiatives.


The year ahead is bound to be a tough one, but armed with knowledge, experience and an array of strategic partners, we look forward to meeting the challenge head on!

Posted 25 March 2019

Arab Health

Hutz is expanding within Africa:

As our scope and reach of business within Africa grows, so does our footprint. We are pleased and proud to announce our official representatives in both Zambia and Botswana.

Please feel free to contact the parties below, for any further information which you may require:

Zambia: Mount Pealven Enterprises

13 Azikiwe Close


Lusaka, Zambia

Contact: Musonda Chindima

Tel: +260 967 34 903


Botswana: Sharps Construction (Pty) Ltd

Plot 20607

Block 3, Broadhurst Industrial

Gaborone, Botswana

Contacts: Claude Rossi / Clive Townsley

Tel: +267 391 2324

Posted 25 March 2019


Hutz Hospi-Tec Completes Successful Revitalisation Project:

Charlotte Maxeke Hospital

A company within the Hutz Group of Companies, Hutz Hospi-Tec was approached and awarded a project at Charlotte Maxeke Hospital for the alterations and upgrade of an open area and to convert it into a High Care Unit with Isolation Rooms according to the client’s specification and requirements.


The array of expertise within the team ensured that the specified hospital requirements and standards were implemented, whilst simultaneously providing cost-effective solutions to upgrade ailing medical facilities.


As a medical infrastructure facilities company with selected industry professionals and partners on-board to enable revitalisation programmes to be performed to the required standards and norms, Hutz Hospi-Tec focuses on existing facilities; with the result being to refurbish specified areas within hospitals at a fraction of the cost of a new build. Quick turnaround times combined with a cost-effective solution and the utilisation of local skills is possible through the provision of training and skills transfer programs.


The Charlotte Maxeke project was completed in January, with a wide range of products and services utilised during the revitalisation process. These included electrical, drywalling, cupboards, vinyl flooring, skirtings, doors, ceiling tiles, glazing, bed screen rails, blinds, plastering, sanitary fittings, painting, nurse call systems, HVAC and medical gas. Hutz Medical also supplied HU4 Pendant Service Systems and various Attachments.


“We are very pleased to have delivered a successful turnkey project for our client and look forward to working together again to revamp Charlotte Maxeke’s Intensive Care Unit,” commented Bennie Rowles, QS Con (Pty) Ltd, the appointed project manager on the Charlotte Maxeke project.

Posted 25 March 2019





















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Hutz Medical will once again be participating at the Africa Health Exhibition, to be held at the Gallagher Convention Centre, Gallagher Estate from 28th – 30th May 2019.


You can expect to see the “who’s who” of medical companies and businesses, with 560 registered exhibitors representing more than 40 countries, ready and able to conduct business at the region’s largest healthcare exhibition. Last year saw more than 10 200 visitors over the three exhibition days, with many contracts worth millions of Dollars negotiated.


Hutz Medical has been an exhibitor at Africa Health since its inception in 2011 and watched the exhibition grow from strength to strength.


“From a Marketing viewpoint, the Africa Health Exhibition ticks a variety of boxes for us and in terms of a tool, is one that we find most useful. Africa Health not only provides us with the opportunity to network with both new and existing clients while increasing our brand exposure but also allows us a platform where we can generate new business and showcase new products,” commented Christene Kleyn, Brand Manager.


Hutz Medical looks forward to welcoming you to our stand at Africa Health! Visit us at Stand 5.K10.

Posted 25 March 2019

Africa Health

Advance vascular theatre now open at Life St Georges Hospital:

port elizabeth

With 3D imaging and a theatre bed and imaging system that can communicate, a new R20m vascular theatre has been opened at Life St George’s Hospital.

“While technology changes fast, this is arguably the best and most advanced unit in the country,” vascular surgeon Dr Ruan Botha said.

Vascular surgeons do surgery on veins and arteries, insert stents where needed and perform lifesaving procedures such as aortic repairs.

The former head of vascular surgery at the Universitas Medical School in Bloemfontein said where surgeons used to work with 2D imaging, the new theatre allowed them to see 3D images in exceptional quality.

He said that because of better imaging and shorter procedures, patients were exposed to only 10% of the radiation that was used in the past.

He explained that the theatre bed and the imaging system synchronised digitally to ensure they worked together while the theatre also allowed surgeons to do a CT-scan without having to move the patients elsewhere.

“This will allow for us to do much more complicated procedures,” he said.

The advanced visual navigation also allows them to work faster.

“This is only our second week but if we get at full speed I think we will be able to complete procedures in half the time,” he said.

He said while complicated procedures such as aortic repairs previously had to be done as open surgeries, they could now be done endoscopically, allowing for the patient to recover much faster.

The hybrid nature of the theatre allows for surgeons to still perform open surgery if they have to.

“The learning curve has been steep,” said Botha, who qualified as a vascular surgeon in 2002.

Riaan Croucamp, of Life Healthcare, said the theatre was a R20m investment for the hospital.

“This has seen the establishment of a dedicated, state-0f-the-art vascular theatre suite to accommodate complex aorta interventions and peripheral vascular procedures by the two onsite vascular surgeons, Dr Ruan Botha and Dr Dennis Shone.

“The new theatre allows for more vascular interventions, which include complex trans-catheter techniques which demand high-power equipment to visualise thin guide wires.

“As a quality control measure, this new system even allows computerised tomography (specialised x-rays creating pictures or scans inside the body) to be done in theatre,” he said.

“This is one of a very few in South Africa and the only facility in the Eastern Cape,” Croucamp said.

“This exciting upgrade of the vascular theatre suite enhances the patient experience while also allowing our doctors and nurses to achieve optimal healing outcomes.”

Source: Weekend Post, 23rd February 2019

Posted 25 March 2019

Vascular Theatre



HUTZ Medical has joined forces with NOVAIR, a world class, pioneering company that designs and manufactures PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) units. Based in France, NOVAIR has been in operation since 1977 and is represented in over 100 countries worldwide.

Compliant with the most demanding of international standards, PSA units produce medical quality oxygen onsite! The units are available in plug and play deployable solutions where tried and tested technology is backed by advanced analysis and state-of-the-art control features.

The way forward is simple…Become your own supplier of medical oxygen, utilizing a free raw material: air! Backed by NOVAIR’s immense knowledge and expertise, you have the opportunity to not only reduce operating costs, environmental impact and increase safety standards by installing and utilizing PSA technology; but also the chance to take away the nightmares of failed supply chains and logistic constraints.

Hutz Medical completed a PSA installation at a facility in Gauteng, ensuring a complete solution for their onsite medical grade oxygen requirements. The client’s specification in this installation was unique and required a customised solution, as does each and every PSA installation due to the nature of the industry and individual needs.

“Hutz Medical was contracted during 2017/8 to supply and install a PSA complete with vacuum and bedhead units. As a medical institution, the clinic recognized the importance of being able to provide the necessities such as oxygen to their patients through top quality medical devices. It is our pleasure to recommend Hutz’s services and prestige equipment. Hutz excelled in providing us with excellent service in a highly professional manner,” commented Luelsa Rowles (Director: Turnkey Energy Solutions Africa – TESA), a sub-contractor on the PSA project.

For further detailed information relating to PSA plants and how they can assist you, please contact Derick Smit on 083 264 5320 or

Posted January 2019

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2018-05-18 13.09.26
2018-05-18 13.09.38
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While Hutz Medical’s Management sponsors the annual Children’s Charity Event, our employees decided that this year they would also take the opportunity to participate on a personal level, by sponsoring Senior Santa Shoeboxes to the Malabar Home for the Aged. An NPO, the Malabar Home for the Aged is situated in Malabar, Port Elizabeth and is home to more than 40 residents.

Each shoebox consisted of some basic items, such as a facecloth and soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, Vaseline, a packet or two of biscuits, a juice or cooldrink along with a chocolate or mints. Some employees added extra little items or a handwritten note or card to personalise their gift. Employees were given the opportunity to individually, or as a group, sponsor a shoebox or items to put into the shoebox.

A big thank you must go to Hutz Management, who apart from sponsoring the actual shoeboxes that were used for the project, also supported this initiative and arranged for shade cloth to be installed on an existing structure. The residents will now be able to enjoy some shade and sit outside while enjoying the beautiful summer weather! This structure will be up in mid-December 2018.

We were humbled to be able to spend some time with the residents, enjoying tea and some entertainment, provided by Hutz. We went to the residence to spread some Christmas Cheer and walked away with happy hearts, knowing that we had made the day just a little bit better for others!

Posted January 2019

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“Walking through the Paediatric Wards of the local hospitals always brings a huge lump in my throat. Maybe I empathize so much with those parents because I have been there with my own child, or maybe because I know that feeling of helplessness of watching your child being sick and there is not much in your power that you can do to assist them.

Whatever the reason, I am always pleased to be part of the Hutz team to visit the wards for our annual Children’s Charity Event, and share some joy with their little patients. Each child is special and so are their needs…some are tremendously ill and can hardly crack a smile when you gently deposit a toy next to their bedside.

Others are already on the road to recovery and are keen to participate in singing songs and enjoying the entertainment on offer. Wherever they are in the healing process, we have had the privilege of sharing some time with them and spoiling them, on behalf of Hutz Medical.

Sponsored by Hutz Management, each child received a backpack filled with goodies. From puzzles and colouring-in books and stationery, to a set of toiletries and a soft toy to snuggle…for a brief while these children have the opportunity to forget about being ill or sore and just be a child enjoying themselves!

And that they did! From singing and dancing to jiving and jigs, our team had the children from Uitenhage Provincial Hospital, PE Provincial, Dora Nginza and Livingstone Hospital totally enthralled! We were accompanied by Teaspoon the clown and Father Christmas who were both a huge hit with the children.

So tonight as I write this, I can smile and say Hutz made a difference in a few children’s lives….and there are some teddy bears out there who are being snuggled and hugged tightly by some very happy children!” Brene Hershensohnn, Communications Manager.

Posted January 2019

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