With the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic hitting home and the numbers of patients being hospitalised growing, hospitals countrywide have been increasing their number of available ICU and Isolation beds, in preparation for Covid-positive patients.

Local Port Elizabeth government hospital Livingstone recently undertook a project to separate an existing ward from the hospital’s temporary Psychiatric Ward, with the ultimate objective being extra isolation beds.

Once separated, the newly segregated ward required further work and six Surgical High Care Isolation Cubicles were created in the new area. Each cubicle was also fitted a Bedhead Service System, in the form of an HU10-01.

The entire project, overseen by Hutz Hospi-Tec, took only 14 days to complete.

Head of the Adult Critical Care Unit at Livingstone Hospital, Dr Elizabeth van der Merwe commented, “I am very happy with the outcome of this refurbishment.”

Livingstone 1
Livingstone 2
Livingstone 5
Livingstone 4
Livingstone 3
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