Vision, Mission & Core Values

  • To provide the best solutions for service supply systems, and device support systems, in the Healthcare Industry in South Africa.
  • To expand into African markets and to other identified world markets.
  • To extend our product range within the healthcare industry.

To provide high quality service systems to the health care market in South Africa and internationally. This is to be achieved by:
  • Innovative product design.
  • Addition of latest industry technology.
  • Fair employment practice.
  • Sound financial procedures.

The company embraces and promotes the following values:
  • Integrity

All activities will be conducted honestly and ethically.

  • Respect

The company recognises the value of all stakeholders, employees, customers and suppliers.

  • Teamwork

The company encourages each employee to be a team player.

  • Knowledge

The company strives to keep updated with the latest technology.

  • Service Excellence

The company seeks to provide the best possible customer service.

  • Continuous Improvement

The company aims to continually improve all facets of its operation.


 The Hutz Group business philosophy is based on the following principles:
  • Ongoing market research and professional consultation to establish the needs and preferences of customers.
  • Innovative and cost-effective design incorporating international standards of clean room technology.
  • Efficient production methods utilising top quality materials and components.
  • An uncompromising dedication to stringent quality control of all aspects of the manufacturing process.
  • Prompt and comprehensive after-sales service of all products.
  • Training and motivation of all personnel in the achievement of the above objectives.